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Skagit Valley Tulips 2015 – Best Images

North Western Images - photos by Andy Porter

I went to the tulip and daffodil fields often this year.

Daffodils, Morning Light Daffodils, Morning Light

Eighteen times to be precise.

Yellow Tulips and a Smile Yellow Tulips and a Smile

A new record for visits in one year.

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_3 Backlighting, my favorite

The Daffodils started in February.

Skagit_Valley_Daffodil_Festival 2015_3 Stars!

As of today, April 17, the tulips are done.

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_29 Beheading

Finished, kaput.

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_15 Pink River

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_2 Maximus

I am not sorry, I’m relieved.

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_6 Tulip Selfie

My Tulip Goal for this year was two-fold: to get an image of a huge double rainbow directly over the blazing tulip fields AND to somehow capture an image of dark skies over the tulips being ripped asunder by searing bolts of lightning.

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_33 Converging

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_45 The Barn

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival 2015_52 Mud

Skagit_Valley_Tulip_Festival_1 Pinks

I failed miserably on both of these counts.


All of these image, and many more, are for sale as fine art prints as well as Canvas Wrapped Prints. Here is the place to view and buy!

Love the backlit cene Love…

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Wild Garlic Soup + My #LiveBelowTheLine Menu

food to glow

wild-garlic-soup by food to glowToday, as I am smashing ripe buttery avocado onto toasted bread, and whisking up my ‘essential’ matcha tea (how I’ve missed you), you may be pondering just how to make that crumpled fiver last five days. The Live Below The Line challenge: Did you sign up? Good.

As I wrote in the last post, eating and drinking on £1 a day brought out my creativity and a bit of pioneer spirit (minus the wood chopping and home dentistry), but the challenge also reinforced how fortunate I am not to have to do this day in and day out. I really don’t know how I would cope if I were to – through need and not awareness-raising – have to live so frugally, and without any end in sight. I would like to think that as with many things I would just get stuck in and make the best of it. But when your…

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